25 Sep 2006

extra extra minty (or, china in china)

One of the real joys of the web this summer has been keeping track of extraminty's flickr stream. Wendy (extraminty) Kewshaw has been visually documenting her stay in China, making china - well, porcelain to be precise.

I was lucky enough to have studied Ceramics in Cardiff with the lovely Wendy in the early 90s and it's just awsome to watch the making of some fantastic pieces with the backdrop of all these images of a rapidly changing China.

It might just be a potter thing, but I am finding it utterly compelling watching the mix of peices in museums and galleries, Wendy's pieces as they go through the various stages of creation and seeing her innovative methods of drawing on clay with stains and petroleum gel and china clay all set to a backdrop of a rapidly changing china. If your bandwidth is up to it, just go there now and see for yourself.

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wend said...

Hey Tonia, just found this, ocht you're too kind, but glad that you found it interesting. Still not caught up with posting my China photos on flickr, because I took soooo many, but there was so much to take photos of ! Having a show of the stuff here at GSA in Feb.

Hope that you are well. My web site is www.wendykershaw.com, though needs some more work done to it.