25 Jul 2007

Moving on from Blogger

That's it. Blogger is just not working for me any longer. They seem to have done something that means that I am having problems putting new posts up. Recreating index.html, rss and atom feeds hasn't fixed the problem so I am moving on to use my shiny new Wordpress blog instead. Stand by for changes.

15 Jul 2007

For the love of what?

The "For the Love of God" prank was created using 6522 Swarovski crystals
and took Laura, the artist, a month to create. Link.

1 Jul 2007

Busyness Economy v Burst Economy

Web Worker Daily has an interesting take on why corporate web workers look like slackers to corporate drones.

The busyness economy works on face time, incremental improvement, strategic long-term planning, return on investment, and hierarchical control. The burst economy, enabled by the Web, works on innovation, flat knowledge networks, and discontinuous productivity:

Harvard Business School professor Andrew McAfee identifies the culture clash between these two economies:

We’ve spent the past couple weeks in my MBA class discussing E2.0 technologies (including blogs, wikis, and prediction markets), approaches, and initiatives. One of the most interesting things for me about these classes has been how often students bring up one specific concern: that people who use the new tools heavily — who post frequently to an internal blog, edit the corporate wiki a lot, or trade heavily in the internal prediction market — will be perceived as not spending enough time on their ‘real’ jobs.