29 Mar 2006

in progress

I think there paintings may be finished, but I'm not sure. They might just hang around for a bit in this state for a time untill I feel inspired to finish them off with words like the recent, 'carbon, silicon, ether' set of brown signs. (I will probably post pictures of them too soon.)

3 Mar 2006

brick music

Woman's Hour on Thursday had the most bizzare story. It was an interview with a woman who played bricks as a musical instrument (Yes, bricks, big old lumps of fired clay). She talked very earnestly about the different sounds thnat bricks could make, (and demonstrated them enthusiasticaly), whether it is better to use old bricks or risk the unpredictibility of new bricks, how she *aquired* bricks (usually knicked from building sites by the sound of it, well what a shocker!) and the problems of transporting briks to gigs when one doesn't own a car.

I was still chuckling over the image of this woman struggilng around London weighed down with her mighty cast of bricks when the story then took a turn for the *beyond weird* when she started telling us how she performs in a duo with her partner who plays the dictaiton machine.

1 Mar 2006

st david's day in carmarthen

I love Carmarthen. Today, in celebration of St David's day there was a bit of a *do* on in town. There was a food fayre in St Peter's hall (local food for local people) and a *thing* on in Guildhall square.

I couldn't really get a handle on quite what was going on, there were some blokes dressed as monks with a very large banner (one of whom was clearly wearing jeans under his robes - how authentic). The mayor was there in his 'mayorial splendour' but he looked a little sour, as if it were all a little lower than his mayoral dignity. There were balloons. Many balloons, crafted into the forms of giant daffodils with a bewildering red bases. And then, there were the dancers on the stage, six young women in fishet tights and tails performing 'All that Jazz' from Chicago, despite the snow.