1 Mar 2006

st david's day in carmarthen

I love Carmarthen. Today, in celebration of St David's day there was a bit of a *do* on in town. There was a food fayre in St Peter's hall (local food for local people) and a *thing* on in Guildhall square.

I couldn't really get a handle on quite what was going on, there were some blokes dressed as monks with a very large banner (one of whom was clearly wearing jeans under his robes - how authentic). The mayor was there in his 'mayorial splendour' but he looked a little sour, as if it were all a little lower than his mayoral dignity. There were balloons. Many balloons, crafted into the forms of giant daffodils with a bewildering red bases. And then, there were the dancers on the stage, six young women in fishet tights and tails performing 'All that Jazz' from Chicago, despite the snow.