3 Dec 2006


I'm fairly partial to the odd bit of wood carving, but I am in awe of these crayons. Utterly pointless but just yummy.

1 Dec 2006

are we doomed?

I want to confess something. It's my shameful secret.

Sometimes play in first person shooters.
When I'm not playing first person shooters, I'm a pacifist and a feminist.

I used to try and justify it but ('We can't help being shaped by the society in which we live', as the Socialist Workers in College used to say,) now I just realise that we are all walking bundles of contradictions, like an ex of mine who when she wasn't busy being an anarcho-feminist poet had a strange but deep fondness for James Bond movies.

That said, I think the idea of this HalfLife 2 mod is pretty interesting. I found myself reeling off fun facts about alpha radiation to Zach in the car yesterday and realised that I picked them up from the screenshots of this mod.

Now I am almost at the point of wanting to borrow a copy of Halflife 2 just so that I can play the Mod. The problem that I had with single player Halflife was that battling monsters wasn't really engaging enough to drag me fully out of real life (Multiplayer Halflife had a different problem, Zach just kept slaughtering me...)