10 Jun 2006

More art sites

This one has been hanging around in as a draft for too long. I found the site , onethousand paintings from a link on Digg that pointed to a really cool gizmo that displayed websites as graphs. When I first got there, the paintings were starting around the $90 mark. I think the next day an entry for the onethousand paintings site turned up on boing boing. I checked back to see how the traffic from BB was affecting the prices, they werestarting at around $130. Now as I finally get around to blogging it, I see they are between the $200 - £600 mark. The formula he uses for pricing means that lower numbers are more valuable. But, early buyers get the bargains. So, if you feel the urge for a nice blue number, you had better get in there quick.

Value = 1000 - number.

Initial discount: 90%.
Current discount: 40%.
The discount will decrease by an absolute 10% for every 100 paintings sold.
Min. price: $40.

Great concept, really playing around with the concept of numerical values and, I have to say, flawless internet marketing. Over half of the paintings have now been sold, good on him.

Another interactive art site just came to my attention, I was just trolling through Brenda's podcast comments for cast-on and someone gave the site a mention. It's called Inspire Me Thursday, I think this is a brilliant example of people getting together and using the tools of the web to create communities of interest. Wordpress is (apparently, according to Brenda, who runs a wordpress blog), pretty easy to set up. Flickr is a breeze, especially for newbs. The only problem I have found with flickr, is my inability to tear myself away from it once I get there... gah, just one more tag to search on while I'm here...

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