14 Apr 2006

a good friday

It's a beautiful spring day here, so we took the dogs down the local beach, Amroth. B wanted to take photos of the 'minis' (The Dave and Gary Dolls). The tide was out so we walked right to the Marros end of the beach. I have a little tip for you all. If you ever find yourself on Amroth beach, don't try walking across the brown slippery rocks in the top right hand corner of the beach. they are REALLY SLIPPERY. It wasn't at all dignified.

I found this on Digg today and thought it pretty interesting, though my jury is out over just how much fun some of the serious games would be. This demo of a multi-input touch screen is really worth checking out. And finally, I came across this crochet reef yesterday. It is stunning, but pretty sobering to read that the Great Barrier Reef may be dead in 30 years.