26 Feb 2006

how inventive

For those of you unfamiliar with the previous content of this blog, I wittered on quite a bit about building a ceramic computer that actually worked. When I did my masters in ceramics years ago, I made sculptures of computers and TVs. Since then I have been working in ICT and not making anything in clay.

I happened to, ::cough::, aquire the internals of an old laptop and thought that I might make a clay case for them last year. Not having a kiln or a suitable workspace has kind of hampered my plans somewhat, but, that's ok. This piece has been as much about the case (hardware) as what the machine should be for (software). So I have been working on the software side of things (playing with linux distros and general research) and doing a little painting in the garage.

I was looking at the strange laptop designs here just now, and it occured to me that I would quite like someone else to do the design and execution of the case. Hmmm....